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You lookin at Meela?


Haven't updated in forever!
Life's pretty good right now.


Our beautiful dog Coby died two nights ago. She had a stroke and we had to put her to sleep. At least she was at home and didn't suffer. I still can't really believe she's not going to come bounding up the steps when I open the door.
She was funny.
Once, I put candy corns in my mouth as a set of teeth, and as I was cheesing for the video camera, Coby sauntered by and licked my mouth and started eating the candy corns. I laughed so hard, I thought I would choke. I really hope that's on video somewhere.
Sweet girl, Rest in peace.

La Musica!

 I'm going to need for Maria Doyle Kennedy and crew to get to the States already!


So, I'm doing that thing.  I wish more people I knew were on it. 
Still fun though.

K-9 k-ool!

I've recently become interested in creating what some are calling "sub-par" videos of dogs. Well, I think they are very par! Yeah, maybe I don't have an editor, or a cinematographer, or even trained canine talent, but one must make do! So, here's one of my videos... WoofCollapse ) Shazam.

I am working hard......for the moneys.

I got a job.
Thank you baby Jesus.
I co-manage a restaurant that serves barbeque to the good people of Franklin Tennessee!
It's a really glamorous job, so it's going to take some getting used to.


"for a tiny baggie of cocaine."
It pains me to see people write "Who reads books anymore?" under their 'Favorite Books' section on the myspaces.
Unless that's a joke, then I guess it's kinda funny.
But these same people, mostly men, have "Dating" as what they are on there for...and I just really don't think too many of the ladies are looking for potential suitors who can't read.

Then again, I did wear this today...

Ho Hum.

Old men and old music

I was in a bookstore browsing the half-off nonfiction when a book about human corpses caught my eye. I had a few minutes to spare so I read the front flap and some paragraphs near the end. It was really interesting. It talked about the body farm at UT and what really happens when a body ceases to live. After a minute or so of reading, this really old gentleman walked up and picked up a book near me. He stood there, seemingly engrossed in his book, just as I was. I was reading about how they were preparing the body of an elderly man for burial. Then the man next to me started inching closer. I think he was trying to see what I was so interested in. What? Then he crossed behind me and picked up a book right next to me. Pretending to read his own book, he peered over my shoulder and read some of mine. After a moment he cleared his throat, put his book down with a thud and walked off.
Maybe he had an appointment....or just maybe he was weirded out by the fact that I was finding out what was going to happen to him sooner rather than later.
Listen mystery man, don't be afraid! It's a natural phenomenon!
That is, death..
not being a creepy stalker.
Anyway, as always, it was a thoroughly satisfying trip to Davis Kidd.

Also, The Marriage of Figaro is completely insane and amazing....

Two youthful and attractive servants (Figaro and Susanna) are set to marry. Their master, the Count, wants to secretly uphold his feudal right and sleep with Susanna on the night of her marriage. Meanwhile, the beautiful Countess is sorrowful over the loss of her husband, the Count's love. To remedy this, The Countess and Susanna devise a plan to expose the Count's infidelity by the women exchanging each other's clothing. They send a note to the Count telling him to meet "Susanna" in the orchard. Well, mistaken identity abounds and Figaro accidentally sees who he thinks is his new bride going off to be with his master. He wants to catch them at it and just as he is leaving, the "Countess"(Susanna) shows up. He soon discovers her trickery and plays along....

Cosi bello! Cosi lussurioso! Cosi umoristico!

A New Year

It's Sunday morning
The birds are chirping and there's
A smile on my face

Where the fuck to start?
Life is like a fun-house. Hopefully a fun-house designed by Bo Welch...
but anyway................
I suppose mine be no more or less crazy than anyone else's life, but I have to have some excuse to write on this thing....
Yeah, so a fun-house...so strange it has become around here!
And here it is...
Some of it anyway..
I'm sitting here not even knowing if I'm in a relationship with someone.
How does that happen?
How can lines of communication become so entangled and subsequently disconnected that you don't even know if you're someone's significant other anymore? 
Beats the shit out of me!
WWI plug-in phones with operators and a switchboard I can understand, but this is 2008. 
Here I am...sitting in my living room staring at the uninspired DVD menu of Crimes and Misdemeanors, writing on this machine and texting someone in another state who has a "Nothing's gonna harm you..not while I'm around" complex and claims to be in love with me or something equally ridiculous, while my real relationship gets flushed down the W.C.
I'm beginning to think that the reason I can't love anybody else is not because I'm afraid of getting hurt, it's because I'm just in love with myself.
There it is. 
I read the one page of theatrical dialogue that was in the book Katie had left open in the bathroom and it was "something about a woman not having passion' and then the man was like 'Don't you remember in Equus?' and she's all like 'yeah...horses...yeah'.............................well that struck me. I do have passion. For me. Oh my gaaaaad. Whatever.
Maybe that's the "I'm out of my very expensive medication" Anna talking, but fuck it! it's the truth, at least at this moment.
And maybe I set my sights a little too high........Whatever.
Maybe not though, because just this very day I turned in an application at McDonalds for a 3rd shift position!
Desperate times...
Now I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else but I didn't go to college for 7 motherfucking years to work 3rd shift at a McDonalds that happens to be in a spectacularly dangerous part of town for ladies of my race and stature to walk to and fro alone at 10pm and 6am.

And forsewise((see some earlier entry for definition)using that word, as "P.S." has been stolen)who is to blame for this ?
Because I'm a lazy piece of shiz.
So I'm not really complaining.
The sad thing is that I'm talented.
I could do so much.
If I really wanted to, I could make a dialysis machine out of a quill pen and coffee filters for god's sake!
But I sit here shoving Doctor-approved medication down my throat in a half-hearted attempt to "fix" whatever the hell is "wrong with me". 
'T'Aint nothing wrong with me!
I just need to make a new plan, Stan.
That and find my cigarettes. 
Where have they gone off to this time?
Oh, they committed suicide off the balcony.
Luckily, I found them before it was too late. 
Second time in a week I've saved a life!
At least this one didn't require a ring-a-ding-ding to 911, a saline drip and a visit to the lovely but vacant-eyed folks at Skyline Medical Center's overdose wing.
Speaking of IV's and such, I had to go to the emergency room a few weeks ago for what I thought was pain from an alien fetus growing in my chest.
The X-Ray was.....inconclusive but video of the exact moment the narcotics began dripping into my veins should be on the youtubes any moment now which made the entire trip worth every penny I can't afford to pay them!
Hilarity, I can assure you! 
Oh, and major frigging Shout-outs to Katie and Anna R. for holding me down when it hit the fan. Srsly!
Also, if you're looking for an ER waiting room that is uncannily akin to the ER waiting room on the 'how are you not canceled already" NBC television show 'ER', go to Nashville Metro General Hospital.
I swear, those people....Bless them, but in order to be seen, just know that you'll most likely have to wait there for at least 4 hours, get really fed up, then hobble up to the overworked and underpaid gent at the desk and barely squeeze out a "how much longer will it be 'til I'm seen?" and cry real tears of agony. I mean, make it count(if you're really in pain, this should be no problem..but keep in mind that dressing like Oliver or in last year's 'Chaplin's "Tramp"' Halloween costume and dripping restroom-sink water down your dingy face will NOT get you seen any faster. Trust me. There were people there with what I'm thinkin' were straight-up gunshot wounds...............)But all in all, I think the real lesson to be learned here for anyone with half a brain in their head is to skip Metro General all together and book it to Vanderbilt where you should find a way to be wheeled in wearing a suit with a handkerchief in your breast pocket and drinking a mimosa. Also remove all silver jewelry before entering the facilities. Gold is and has always been the standard accoutrement of The Rich. They smell silver and you're off to lesser 'Baptist Hospital'.
I think that's how that place works.
OOOOoooh, I bet they have Mimosa IV's at ol' Vandy!
Nurse with stylish haircut: "Demerol or Mimosa Ma'am"
Me: "Brandy for me thanks...and the Demerol for good spirits. Funny that...spirits plus spirits...........Oh la dee da! And have you any of those fancy oxygen masks that I see on that BBC America programme "Casualty?" Because my loved ones will surely get a kick out of stories of me, myself, and little old I hooked up to one of those delightfully cunning contraptions."
Nurse with stylish haircut: Right away Ma'am. Anything else Ma'am?
Me: "Off with you. And have the heat turned up! One would think this was the morgue section of this facility and as I am still very much alive, thank you very much, this chill has become quite a bother. Ta!(slight swipe of the hand) Away with you!"
Nurse with stylish haircut:
"Yes, of course Ma'am, right away Ma'am!"

Aw hell.

Everyone should go see Plaid Tidings at the Boiler Room Theatre. It's Great. 
Well, I haven't actually seen it yet but I know it's great because Katie's doing stuff with it and the cast is wonderful and......
No fan letters please.

Also, Tracey Morgan makes me joyful.

Also, "borrowing" medical supplies is a sure bet for some good, clean, family fun! You never know when you'll need 11 Medline sickness bags, 1 button topped hospital gown, 1 Safety I.V. Catheter(18G x 1 1/4), 16 Alcohol prep pads, 1 sterile oxygen feeder tube with those nostril thingys, 1 BD 3ml Syringe with Luer-lok Tip, 2 red plastic allergy alert bracelets, 1 0.9% Sodium Chloride Single use only Injector,  4 BD 1.2mm x 40mm Blunt Fill Needle tips, and one of those sterile scrub sponges that the docs use on their hands before surgery.
Good times! Now I can finally produce that movie I've always yearned to make about this crazy hospital run by a mad man named "Dr. Hurtz."

Beer is coming to my house.
This day is fantastically beautiful!


Give To Our Angle!!

Franklin, Frankly!

I dog-sat this weekend for my parents. On Saturday, I went over to Judy's house up the road and dug through her attic for restoration-y items and played with her animals. Horses mostly. I'm hoping if I help her clean the stables, she will let me ride some of her horses soon. They are frighteningly huge. Not at all like My Little Ponys. More like, big-ass fucking stallions! So I am a little scared of falling off and the whole paralyzation thing, but I think I'll be alright. I've never jumped a horse before either...on purpose that is...there were those times when Helen's horse would go insane on me and throw me into trees, creek beds, fences, etc...but I'm older now and have more confidence. I also know a good deal more swear words, so that should keep the little buggers in line. 

Our cat Jones killed a chipmunk today. I took it from him as soon as I saw it to find out if the thing was still alive. It was definitely dead. A small memorial service was held in the orchard which was presided by Myself, and attended by canines Coby and Dallas, and newly appointed "Killer Feline of the year" Jones(who didn't seem to be all that upset over Mademoiselle Chipmunk's death, but had a surprising amount of things to say via body-language concerning the human tradition of burial.) Woe to the Chipmunk Republic.

Also, The Libertine is fucking brilliant. See it if you haven't. But don't watch it with your parents or your siblings or your parents and your siblings, or anyone that you wouldn't talk about graphic sexual practices to. Or do. I don't care. 


Musings: Bursting with sweetness and light

I just had a little tiny epiphany
I was thinking about relationships and it was suddenly clear as glass
You know how they say "All the good ones are taken"?
Well, that's because the good ones have the love of a spouse and have all that confidence to go out and be the best 'them' they can be.
So, it brings me to the optimistic thought that when I fall in love with someone, they(and I right along with them) will become a "good one."

  • I accidentally killed an innocent animal today.
Well, more precisely, I accidentally severely maimed a little snake today and had to kill it with a rock to prevent it's suffering.
It was awful and I feel like shit.
I was snake-searching in the river as I often do, and I squished it with a rock and it's guts were coming out.
That's happened before, but the other one died immediately.
See, I go down to the river and try my damnedest to flip over the heavy rocks without disturbing whatever might be underneath, but sometimes the rocks fall or scrape things....

I found 2 other snakes and picked them up and held them for a while.
One was pretty big and it was amazing to hold and see it up close.
So that was cool.
Then I go and kill one.
Poor thing was trying really hard to flee from me and find a safe place to die.
I felt so fucking bad but I had to finish him off. 
  • The cover of the Nashville scene says "The New Face of Nashville Celebrity" and has Nicole Kidman at the top of the photo playing a tambourine.
Since when does Nash-Angeles give a feck about movie stars?
And since when did Nicole Kidman have anything to do with a tambourine?
The photo basically reads 'The Heroes of Nashville'.....

Well, I think the editor of The Scene needs to take a closer look at this fair city and recognize that the real hero of Nashville is the dude who wears a train conductor's hat every day and fixes the irrigation of the fountain in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum!
This guy has to put up with...
  1. Kids and other people throwing pennies and trash in the fountain.
  2. Old people falling into the fountain(I didn't see it but utterly regretted not working that day).
  3. Rusty old water pipes that burst and leak all over the beverage room floor of the restaurant(that was also humorous but slightly less so than the old people falling thing)
  4. This.
  5. That.

Also, every single time he'd walk by me at the host stand, he would stop and chat about how the "world's jus'-a-turnin" and other "fountain-maintenance related material".
He was(is) SO damn cool!
Now I'm not saying that Nicole Kidman isn't cool
I do not know Nicole Kidman la mujer a la mujer, so I couldn't say either way
Maybe she would stop and chat with a lowly Museum Restaurant Hostess
Who knows?

It's just, this guy...... He rules basically and I'm sure knows or is willing to at least try to learn the basics of Tambourine playing. (not as easy as it looks, by the way! Apparently you could just ask Keith Urban!......what with those long sleepless nights of "Nicole, darling, could you please shut the fuck up with that tambourine and come to bed, huh sweetums?"

So anyway, there you have it....

I am a killer


"The New Face of Nashville Celebrity".......Maintenance Man Mike!


I love playing the guitar

The hobo game....

What's more hobo...
-Eating a "sandwich" of 2 slices of bread with nothing in-between?
-Smoking a cigarette that you found on the sidewalk?

My dream was all SNLy this morning!

I had a dream that I was asked to be the host of SNL one week and I had to do this sketch where I was playing Tracey Morgan's Brother in drag. So I had to dress up like a huge black man dressed as a huge black woman. It was so weird, and I was all nervous because they were like "10 minutes to show!" And my make-up looked terrible so I was trying to fix it and this man..the stage manager or whomever took my almost empty orange drink and was going to throw it away and I went after him and was thinking 'I want to throw that away myself, so they all will see that I'm a good person and will ask me back to the show, or will at least reminisce about how "good a host" I was'. But he wouldn't give me the bottle. I was so frustrated! Then my make-up looked like crap because I spent so long chasing the bottle taker around. Then, right before I went out on stage, I wanted to vomit and I just thought about how Madeline Kahn had been in that very backstage room waiting to go on and was probably nervous too. That calmed me down a little. I looked around to see if she was there somewhere(I think she was alive in my dream) and could give me any tips. Everyone backstage was smiling at me. It was awesome.
Then I woke up.
Has there ever been a comedy where a white woman has dressed as a black man in drag? Or..even better..a Drama?
I just woke up and can't really remember.
If film of that nature does exist, I need to netflix it asap!.

Also, it's interesting that you can add a "y" or an "ie" to almost anything and make it automatically sound 3x less serious and 7.1 pounds happier.
I was just thinking that most names of pets end in Y.
Like my cats..
The Jean Genie...and we call her GenIE when she's cute.
And PembY.
And Maude...but we mostly call her KittY or MaudIE.
And Mom to Mommy and Dad to Daddy(though I never called my mom or dad that. I think I was born a head-strong 23 year old baby.)
And Anna, for example. "Little orphan Anna" sounds very, very sad..but just sprinkle on an "ie" and she's suddenly "Little orphan Annie!", a precocious little rags-to-riches spitfire ball of cute!
Other examples:
-Fuzz(pigs, popo, or coppers) to Fuzzy(something you want to snuggle with!)
-Space(a place that makes a pretty good setting for a Sigourney Weaver movie) to Spacey(A great actor not to mention a real fun place to be with the right cocktail of chemicals!)
-Homicide(a horrible crime) to Homicidey(A great nickname for the state penn. And you probably wouldn't get messed with in the showers!)

Neat, eh?

Over & Outtie!!

The Streep and more...

-My roomate is now obsessed with Meryl Streep. Brings me back to the old days.
-My cat keeps throwing up. It's probably because he eats rubber bands and flowers from Kroger.
-Went to Virginia this weekend. It was great. Never really been huge into photography but I took a bunch of really cool pictures that I'm proud of. They are mostly of kids being cute, so how could they not turn out cool?
-I won $18 on a poker game this weekend. Never bet real money before. I think my strategy is akin to Kenneth The Page's on 30 Rock.
-I think I'm turning into some kind of weird creature. I've been running a fever for about a week and a half and I'm not sure what's going on. I keep thinking "Caterpillar into chrysalis or pupa. From thence into beauty."
It's probably nothing.
-Anybody making any 48 hour films..or any films this weekend? Or want to do one for the hell of it? I'm down.

Words that make me laugh

Forsewise(A word an old boss used to use that I'm thinking isn't a real word but is supposed to mean something along the lines of "therefore")

I am secure enough with myself that I can freely admit that I sometimes sit back and think about these words for minutes on end and just giggle.

another 365 days

I'm really sad that Shark Week is almost over.

Should I...

...play scrabble with myself?
Probably not. I'd cheat too much.
I recently participated in a 48 hour film project which turned out to be really frigging funny.
I also had a hilariously good time onscreen as well as off! I played "Twilight", a gypsy-traveller-hippie-badass.
I can't wait to see how the Nashville viewers react.
Will it win anything? Best use of a lawyer and hookah together perhaps? I think we've got that category in the bank!
I am also quite excited to see what ilovebetty productions has planned for the future, mostly in regards to me..who am I kidding?. I'll be sure and post the completed film on here whenever I feel like it.
So we got the Netflixes at our house.
I rented "Night of the Demons"(which I highly recommend to anyone)(unless you're pregnant and the baby is about to come out. In that case, go to the nearest hospital)(Don't go to the MTSU clinic to have the baby. They will just tell you that you have lukemia, give you antibiotics and a neck brace and send you on your way)(If the baby's feet are coming out, that means that it is facing the wrong way for a proper birth. If it is a hand, you're cool)(If you are of the "Nature knows best" persuasion and decide that even though the hands/feet are coming out and you still want to watch "Night of the Demons", fast-forward to after people start getting possessed. Your adrenaline rush due to childbirth will most likely kick in, heretofore, timing things right and watching "Angela" float down the hallway to scary music during the contractions is sure to give you what should be a really cool rush)(However, make sure the baby doesn't come out until the end credits. Conceptually, "Night of the Demons" is no way to welcome a new baby into this world)(Put on something soothing like "The Best of The Alan Parsons Project")(If your baby is fussy, I would recommend "Time")(If your baby is calm, cool, and collected and is enjoying looking around at all of the amazing new things it's experiencing for the first time, play "Eye in the Sky")(Especially the chorus)(Make sure you, one of your roomates, or your landlord cuts the chord that is connecting you to your baby)(Don't worry, many new mothers feel that "cutting" anything having to do with their new baby sounds wrong but this is actually what is recommended)(Save whatever comes out of your body next in anything that has a lid. An old Country Crock or off-brand butter container will do. A doctor will want to inspect the contents for some gross reason)(After that, put the baby down and decide if you want to watch "Night of the Demons" again as you may have been distracted during the crematorium scene)(If so, go to another room and place the baby on a soft, flat surface where it will not get wet, tangled up in streamers or will fall to the ground, then go watch the movie again)(If not, put the DVD back in it's Netflix envelope and send it off)(DO NOT put your baby in the Netflix envelope and send it off)(You should receive "Night of the Demons 2: Angela's Revenge" in two to three business days.)(You might also consider putting "What to Expect when you've Expected" on your Netflix queue. It has tips for what to do now that you have a baby.)(Congratulations!)

Maybe I will play Scrabble.
I decided today that I will always try and fit "Razorish" in the upper right corner. You'll get 126 points!
If I ever play Scrabble with you, please don't steal this move.


48, Darling, light of my life...

I'm hooray-lucky enough to be involved in an ilovebetty 48 hour film project that starts tonight.
I'm so very excited!
It only sucks that Heidi and Alex can't be there for some major barbershop "Haircut" action.
(in cockney) Corblimey, I hope it turns out bloody well brilliant!

(not in cockney...or do whatever the hell you want) In other news, I'm being....hypnotized,....or something on monday. I'm wary of it but also of excited. Will be interesting either way.
I'll tell all about it next time I deardiary it.
Oh, was dressed as an evil futuristic queen yesterday(stage-makeup, sheer white dress, ballet shoes and crown included) when my landlord unexpectedly dropped by to see the house and to meet me for the first time.
I couldn't have planned it better if I tried.
It was amazing! Like hernia laughter afterwards. Too good!

shaking my head

you know how bad things come in threes?
well, we've got two down so far today.
it's about seven pm.
that gives us five hours for shit to really hit the fan.
i guess it's good that i'm seeing a play tonight.
get my mind off things.
right now I'm the kind of sad where you can't even cry.
One cool summer evening, while sweeping up the soot that had collected in the corners of both her mind and laundry room, a beautiful young maiden decided to slink to the couch in search of something that would satisfy her need for nostalgia, beauty, and funk.
What she found could only be placed in that cosmic file folder labeled: Divine Providence.

Being struck with a giggle over the fund-raising "techniques" of Nashville Public Television's annual pledge drive co-hosts: a drearily dressed man-child aptly named 'Dennis', and a mildly entertaining Jolly-Black-Lady, the maiden decided to nestle down and see what insultingly cliche' live opera performance or irritating Fleetwood Mac "Finally, Farewell...For real! Tour" they were pushing. To her delight, a rare jewel appeared before her. Emerging through the haze and fog of childhood innocence, she felt a warm blanket of relief at seeing what would soon plague her thoughts like a great lover or particularly smooth turbo-start in a grueling best-out-of 3 mario kart race.

Dictionary.com's official definition(s) of Righteous:
right.eous- [rahy-chuhs] –adjective
1. characterized by uprightness or morality: a righteous observance of the law.
2. morally right or justifiable: righteous indignation.
3. acting in an upright, moral way; virtuous: a righteous and godly person.
4. Slang. absolutely genuine or wonderful: some righteous playing by a jazz great.–noun
5. the righteous, (used with a plural verb) righteous persons collectively.

What she was witnessing for the first time in her whole life was a Righteous Brothers concert live via 1983.
In a seemingly endless bit of time comparable to her pocket watch as 43 minutes, her journey through the up's and down's of that irresistibly watchable phenomenon had ended. The show was kaput!
She collapsed into a heap of listless bones and tissues suddenly engulfed with feelings of utter despair, grief, and separation anxiety. So soon it ended......

And so soon it began.....

The maiden picked up a quill and began to write a story........
Being an only-child means whatever a maiden storyteller wishes it to be. In this case she means to make no generalizations or pretend whatsoever to be able to define what it is to be "An Only Child."
She only wishes for her readers to know that she is one, and that to her, an only child's destiny might be akin to that of a desperate #1 Black Bicycle playing card's red-handed journey.... being held prisoner in The Red Queen's lonely dungeon where nary a day goes by when "Off with her HEAD" is not shouted from the castle grounds.
You're for the emotional chop 24/7. It's complicated.

The maiden continued to scribble on parchment barely noticing the flicker of the single candle that lit her tiny room.
She writes and realizes she's writing as you...read.....this and
oh my,....what..has................. happened.......................

"Ahoy there me shimmering matey, methinks I spys with me scope a closing paragraph astern!"

She got a little confused about space-time and third-person writing styles and maidenhood....so she will leave you with this.......
If one brother is dressed as mummy's little insurance salesman and the other is dressed as a cowboy pimp, which brother is more Righteous? And what is it like to have a brother?
The maiden has no way of finding the truth of this paradox as the intricacies of the human psyche are far from being mapped out. It certainly is no schematic that one can google at times of trouble. No way, no how! Really! Ask a therapist if there is.
The maiden did.
1.)They are brothers.
2.)She supposes they are righteous enough for someone to have once called them "Righteous."
3.)They played that one song..."do do de do do do do do de do do do Oh, my-y-y-y-y, my darliiiiiing, I've hungered for y-o-o-o-ur touch a long lonely tiiiiiiiiiime."

So seriously, her question de l'heure is.....Which brother is more righteous? The Virgin or the Tart?

We may never know, or care. Perhaps it's like a pie chart and one brother is just righteous enough to keep the other afloat, but at least this writer has faith that someday, possibly aeons in the pale future, someone might see this, gaze up to the same stars that daVinci and Copernicus once marveled at and wonder exactly what the answer would be.

The Maiden


I's all kinds a outta sorts these days.

Shall I clean my room or shall I post?

I shall post. I watched about 37 hours of x-files gag reels on youtube today. They are pretty funny. A million times better than that "blooper" shit they try to put on the DVDs. They're getting me all in the mood for the big ol' summer sequel! Can't friggin wait. Well, can't wait for what I'm hoping is going to be a film that is true to the spirit of the show...which is generally for it to not take itself too seriously. When they started thinking they were grande kings of the fox network and a main character cried every week, it all went to hell.

Wow, nerd moment.

Well, Assassins is almost over. Last night, a light blew. It didn't make too big of a difference. It freaked me out though. Thought I might have to use the spot for some of it. Didn't have to. Then when I used the spot for the scene that required it, the mothering shield was down and I didn't know what to do. The light was on, just not shining on Shane's beautiful mug. After yelling HELP, HELP, HELP, Christina flipped the shield and a wobbly-ass light creeped up on his torso. I couldn't breathe, I was laughing so hard. The audience was laughing too, so it was even better.
I'm going to be a little sad when it's over.
Don't know what I'm doing after. We'll see.
The Jean Genie knows but she's not telling.

Mar. 21st, 2008

What are you doing to me, Lost?
I don't understand you, therefore I fear you...a lil.
Also, Lemur Kingdom, you are a sad show. 15 minutes of you is enough for anyone.
Also, I don't watch that much TV.
Jim Pemby is growing more fur but is still a cat-hole.
Don't have a jorb yet.
Not really looking.
Have a new movie project going with Katie and Heidi.
Have had 3 dreams in the last week involving Gabriel Byrne.
I don't suppose the answer is in my second-rate shoes.
It's been a good Good Friday.
I am taking my cat Jim Pemby to get his balls cut off on Friday. If I don't, they are going to get too big and our upstairs apartment is going to collapse onto our downstairs neighbor's heads.
We're also having a party that night in honor of Heidi turning 65.
It will be our first party since moving to Spain.
I hope it's like old times.
The Pillowman is showing through Saturday.
If you have a free evening and want to see a 9 foot man made out of pillows in the pillow-flesh, come to the Darkhorse Theatre!
Oh, and it features Alex Vernon as The Pillowman!
No it doesn't.
But seriously, come see the show!

Give me just a minute...

I'm dog-sitting in Murfreesboro and have been watching devil TV. I flipped through to this terrible show on Animal Planet about elephants in Thailand who are held captive by chains and are whipped with electrified rods and tortured into submission. It was so horrible. If I win the powerball this week, I would like to get on a plane to Thailand and do something about it. After reading about Jenny at the elephant sanctuary, I can't look at a damn elephant and not feel something. I guess it's a bit gushy but I don't care.
Now, I realize the world is changing and all that. Yes, humans are spewing out too many babies and need more space to teach their young to do the same horrible things when they grow up, but when selling animal parts for profit, or even consuming animals means unnecessarily harming them, I call bullshit on it!
Poor, sweet Jenny...

Dear LiveJournal,

I quit my job at HoBoRow.
It's a good thing.
What's next? No idea.
All I really want to do at the moment is move to a deserted island and play Lost for a few months. A wonder if I would be on the A Team...
I read Gene Wilder's book "Kiss Me Like A Stranger". The bit about why people go into the acting profession was really interesting. I would recommend it for anyone looking to read a book.
Over and Out.
Karl came up with the idea that we should play the 'Emelio Estevez' game at work...
-What do you call an Emelio Estevez who lures children into his creepy perv-van?
Emelio Molestevez!!!!
I did not come up with that one.
Here's a little treasure that I DID conjure up....
-What do you call a very guilty Emelio Estevez?
Emilio No-Contestevez!!!!
I am so pleased with that joke that I feel like doing something a little bit like this...
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We played that game until we couldn't think of any more types of emelio esteves's's's
It soaked up about an hour and a half of having zero customers.
I am so cold right now that I want to roast my own body on a spit.
Being so cold is turning me into an Emilio Deprestevez!
HA! Didn't see that one coming, did you?
Well, it has been nice dancing with you LiveJournal, as always. Hope to catch you on the flip-side!
Love, Anna


Back from thanksgiving with a bitchin lamp, a painting, and some clothes.
I'm happy.

day after thanksgiving

I feel like I'm on the moon.
So far away from my cozy house on spain avenue and my best friends and pets who shit in the bathtub.
I'm not coming home till sunday.
It's not that I don't enjoy being here, but after stuffing my mouth with food, drinking a few and chatting for a while...I'm ready to go.
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this.
2 more days.
I finished a book today that I've been reading on for 2 months. The ending was abrupt and unsatisfying. It was a biography..but still. I'm going to write the author an 'I'm not-a-fan' letter and not really end it. See how you like it mr. guy!
And then I'm going to spray paint the envelope gold.

time has stopped dead in it's tracks

Do you really love with that thing?



I want to see The Brave Jodie Foster One
My beautiful roomate bought Batman and we watched 1/4 of it lastnight
Good Times
My wene cat has dandruff
I saw Urinetown lastnight and it blew my minds
Katie just lost Yoshi
I have the day off tomorrow
Russell is in love with Jo
Gah, Urinetown was good
Was in a zombie movie with Heidi and it was tops
It's beginning to look a lot like fall-time
I wore a jacket to work
I do miss you
I'm not sure I could have better best-friends

And I didn't even know...

Jeremy Blake has died.
I'm really sad.